Mitsou - disc jockey séries

People marketed on promotional material using their given name as a mononym , such as Prince Rogers Nelson and Madonna Louise Ciccone , are included.

A resident DJ performs at a venue on a regular basis or permanently. [4] [5] [6] They would perform regularly (typically under an agreement) in a particular discotheque, a particular club, a particular event, or a particular broadcasting station. [7] [8] [9] Residents have a decisive influence on the club or a series of events. [10] Per agreement with the management or company, the DJ would have to perform under agreed times and dates. [5] [11] Typically, DJs perform as residents for two or three times in a week, for example, on Friday and Saturday. Also, DJs who make a steady income from a venue, are also considered resident DJs. [12] [13] Wynn Nightlife and Hakkasan are well known for hiring high-profile DJs as residents with 'skyrocketing pay'. [14]

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Ha, yes! Hilarious. Probably on City Limits ?? (we needed some variation of New Wave Theatre on Canadian music TV, right?)

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Mitsou - Disc Jockey SériesMitsou - Disc Jockey SériesMitsou - Disc Jockey SériesMitsou - Disc Jockey Séries