Poison idea - loud & drunk

3) What doses of anticoagulant rodenticides are required in order for animals to develop symptoms of poisoning?

4) How do pets become poisoned by rat bait?
4a) Poisoning at home - how animals access baits.
4b) Poisoning in the field - how animals get baits on farms, industrial areas, grains storage areas etc.
4c) Secondary poisoning - how animals become poisoned by eating poisoned vermin.
4d) Handy hints on how to determine whether someone has deliberately baited your pet.
4e) Can human anti-coagulant drugs or medications (. warfarin sodium, Coumadin) poison my pet?

Poison Idea - Loud & DrunkPoison Idea - Loud & DrunkPoison Idea - Loud & DrunkPoison Idea - Loud & Drunk