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In 2009, the journal Science published an overview of studies about the effect of new media on our cognitive abilities . They found that while the Internet can increase “visual literacy skills,” that increase appears to be offset with decreases in other areas, such as critical thinking, inductive problem solving, imagination, and “abstract vocabulary.” In other words, we may be getting better at some stuff, but we’re becoming a lot dumber in other areas. And the areas we’re becoming dumber in might be more important: Critical thinking and imagination are pretty vital human traits. If we end up trading them in for super-duper “visual literacy skills,” it won’t exactly be the trade of a lifetime.

A great point to explore. Considering that the vast majority of time spend on a smart phone is for dedicated to social media (I’m guessing).

They are naturally secretive, but tend to actually keep those secrets. They have a tendency to be manipulated by this fact, because they might be too stubborn to reveal what they really think or feel about anything. They might even accidentally stumble upon the secrets of other people or they might simply just be able to allow other people to open up around them. They could also naturally seek out water or liquid or pumpkins, or just live near places that have those things, like waterfalls, rivers, beaches or gardens. They might even do their meditating or deep thinking in these spots.

They may also have a natural talent for singing or making music and most likely will have a great internal clock or “metronome” that helps them keep the beat. They also might be lazy or hard to inspire and get going with the way an Heir of Time “Inherits the Time”, meaning they believe they have all the Time in the world, and they may be right. They might not be the kind of people to try new things very often. They’re most likely to wave things off and be like, yeah the shits going to hit the fan eventually, but not right now, so it’s fine, we can wait.

Various - Simply Destroy / Undergrove / Laytor / TridimensionalVarious - Simply Destroy / Undergrove / Laytor / TridimensionalVarious - Simply Destroy / Undergrove / Laytor / TridimensionalVarious - Simply Destroy / Undergrove / Laytor / Tridimensional