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A city wishing to get a team in a major professional sports league can wait for the league to expand and award new franchises . However, as of 2015, each of the major leagues has 30 or 32 franchises. Many current owners believe this is the optimal size for a major league and aside from the possible expansion of the National Hockey League (NHL) to 32 teams (a 31st team already approved to begin play by 2017), [2] [3] none of the major leagues is believed to be considering an imminent expansion. In fact, Major League Baseball (MLB) actually considered contracting the Montreal Expos and Minnesota Twins in 2002 , which would have taken effect in the 2007 season, but the baseball players union sued MLB to prevent the dissolution of the teams. In the end, nothing happened to the Twins, which had the issue leading to their possible contraction, a new stadium, resolved with the opening of Target Field in 2010 , and the Expos relocated to Washington, . to become the Washington Nationals in 2005 .