G'race - nothing in this world

When we’re unwell and desperately in need of God’s healing, it’s easy to spend time pleading with God, telling Him how bad the suffering is like we need to convince Him to move. However, although this is understandable, it really isn’t necessary. You don’t need to beg God to heal you, He’s already sent His Son. He wants you well more than you do. God knows your situation. He knows how bad the pain is or how long the illness has gone on for. Everything we receive is through faith. Our salvation is received through faith. Our healing is received through faith. What gets God to move, is faith in Him and His Word.

The Divine Feminine has been suppressed through atrocity, shamed out of power, robbed of her voice, forced into dependence on a system that she is denied leverage within, and grabbed at for what the Masculine wants – her vulnerability.

G'Race - Nothing In This WorldG'Race - Nothing In This WorldG'Race - Nothing In This WorldG'Race - Nothing In This World