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At the outbreak of World War I, the 58-year-old ex-president was eager to return to the front lines. Roosevelt vehemently lobbied President Woodrow Wilson to send him to France at the head of a 200,000-man expeditionary force. Around the country, supporters of the hero of San Juan Hill staged rallies of support, but Roosevelt would not get called to fight in the war that eventually claimed his son Quentin, who was killed in action when his plane was shot down over France in 1918.

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Hörnlihütte Zermatt Foundation

Bahnhofstrasse 53
CH-3920 Zermatt
Tel. +41 27 967 22 64
(july - september)

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"grt description indeed ,,
I have visited switzerland but never went to matterharn.. was quite content to visit mount titlis (quite famous among indian visitors).. your description is making me lament not goint to it once i was there .. i ll make it a point to be there whenever i go next..
and yeah get rich as well"

With the release, the Opencast Community’s “(Opencast) Matterhorn” lecture capture system has been renamed “Opencast” – for obvious reasons. With the kick-off meeting taking place at ETH Zurich, Matterhorn was an obvious choice for a working title for the software. But the name became so popular we never came round to moving to the more meaningful “Opencast” – which was nevertheless present in the “Opencast Community”, driving the further development of – Matterhorn (and some other projects, admittedly). In the end, this was more confusing than some parts of our wiki, so we decided to finally move to Opencast. Still climbing.

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Matterhorn Project Matterhorn ProjectMatterhorn Project Matterhorn ProjectMatterhorn Project Matterhorn ProjectMatterhorn Project Matterhorn Project