Bus stop long train runnin'

Train and Bus

Which is the better option for your journey? Bus and train transit systems are both pretty popular. But which of the 2 public transportation systems will work for you? Let's handle both bus and train travel options separately, and see how they compare to each other.

Bus Travel

First, it's the cheaper option. For instance, it'll cost you about $20 one-way on a bus and $100 a one-way on a train. A round trip by bus will save you a whopping $160. Second, you'll have an assigned seat. This means that the person next to you has an assigned seat, too. So you won't have to sit and silently pray to be that lucky couchette that doesn't fill up.
What of the cons of bus travel? Well, the bus stops everywhere. Yes, the ticket may say that it's only a 10-minute stop, but don't be surprised if you end up waiting for longer.

Train Travel

The first thing that hits you is that it's the more expensive choice. But that extra price in train ticket will get you more seating space, nicer and bigger bathrooms, a faster ride to your destination. There's also plenty of room to move in the train, whether it's in your own compartment or to the observatory car or cafe. In addition to all the legroom, there are no restrictions on the use of electronic devices and there are generous free baggage allowances (you can even bring a bicycle). One negative of the trains is that they do not run everywhere. In fact, in many areas they don't run very often. In addition, you won't have to deal with traffic. Trains travel on their own tracks, so you can get from city center to city center without having to worry about highway traffic. And while you're at it, you get to enjoy a more picturesque view of the landscape.

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Bus Stop Long Train Runnin'Bus Stop Long Train Runnin'Bus Stop Long Train Runnin'Bus Stop Long Train Runnin'