Miss b featuring jon-paul i want to spend my lifetime loving you

Nick Levine of Digital Spy particularly praised its beats, which according to him, "just don't quit". [19] Michelangelo Matos of The . Club wrote that the song is "fabulous, with glowing production, a humongous hook, and beats for weeks". [49] Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times was also impressed with the overall production of the song, specifically the chorus, adding "More than most female singers, Beyoncé understands the funky art of singing rhythmically, and this is a prime example." [34] Fraser McAlpine of BBC Online considered "Single Ladies" to be the best song Beyoncé has attempted since " Ring the Alarm " (2006) and complimented the former's refrain, describing it as "so amazingly catchy that it provides a surprisingly solid foundation for the entire song". [48] Alexis Petridis of The Guardian commended the threatening atmosphere that "Single Ladies" creates by using minor chords. [41] Daniel Brockman of The Phoenix complimented the song's use of the word "it", and wrote that the technique "sums up her divided musical persona far more effectively than the [album's] two-disc split-personality gimmick." [35]

Where Gaga’s track is about relationship drama, Lucki’s is a nod to Wockhardt, the pharma company that produces a codeine-laden cough syrup famously used to concoct lean, which blends the medicine with Sprite and Jolly Ranchers. And Lucki doesn’t seem to care about his songs reaching the same level of popularity as Gaga, as he notes in the track: “Baby rock-hardt, I feel like a Wock star / I don’t fear a thing but a cop car / Underground king, fuck your top chart.”

On November 11, 1999, NASCAR awarded Fox and sister cable channel FX the partial television rights to its races (as part of a four-network deal, valued at $ billion, that also included NBC and TBS ; the latter's rights were later assumed by TNT ) starting with the 2001 season, with Fox and FX alternating coverage of all races held during the first half of the season (NBC and TNT would air all races held during the second half). The deal also included alternating coverage of the preeminent Daytona 500 race, with Fox televising it in odd-numbered years and NBC airing it in even-numbered years through 2006, with the opposing network airing the Pepsi 400 instead. [11] The rights later extended to sister motorsports-oriented cable network Speed Channel in October 2002, when it bought out ESPN 's contract to televise the Camping World Truck Series races. Through a 2006 contract renewal, Fox became the exclusive . broadcaster of the Daytona 500. In partnership with Speed, Fox has also broadcast the start of the Rolex 24 at Daytona and select Formula One races produced by Speed beginning in 2007, and also carries two Camping World Truck Series races per season that were transferred from Speed, and are produced under the Fox NASCAR brand.

The heroic marshals, expertly recruited and marshalled by Tracey Taylor, whooped from the roadside.  Dave Rodgers charged round the streets, shouting encouragement.  We thank you all!  And the race was hotting up, with Gareth Raven bombing out of Sale before most of us had entered it, Ken Hunt and Ben Macintyre chasing down Gary Rowlinson; and Luisa Candioli and Sarah Douglas leading the ladies team.

Ohtani's mother, Kayoko, was an accomplished badminton player. He was born in the farm town of Oshu in the rural prefecture (state) of Iwate, where urban centers are few and rice fields abound. It's about three hours north of Tokyo, and it was near there that Ohtani attended Hanamaki Higashi High School.

Christianity is a beautiful faith. For all my previous criticism of its intellectual formulation, the one thing it gets 100% correct is that it actually enshrines the ...

Miss B Featuring Jon-Paul I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You