Times new viking / psychedelic horseshit split

Viking 1 carried a biology experiment whose purpose was to look for evidence of life. The Viking spacecraft biological experiments weighed  kg (34 lbs) and consisted of three subsystems: the pyrolytic release experiment (PR), the labeled release experiment (LR), and the gas exchange experiment (GEX). In addition, independent of the biology experiments, Viking carried a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GCMS) that could measure the composition and abundance of organic compounds in the martian soil. [11] The results were surprising and interesting: the GCMS gave a negative result; the PR gave a negative result, the GEX gave a negative result, and the LR gave a positive result. [12] Viking scientist Patricia Straat stated in 2009, "Our (LR) experiment was a definite positive response for life, but a lot of people have claimed that it was a false positive for a variety of reasons." [13] Most scientists now believe that the data were due to inorganic chemical reactions of the soil; however, this view may be changing after the recent discovery of near-surface ice near the Viking landing zone. [14] Some scientists still believe the results were due to living reactions. No organic chemicals were found in the soil. However, dry areas of Antarctica do not have detectable organic compounds either, but they have organisms living in the rocks. [15] Mars has almost no ozone layer, unlike the Earth, so UV light sterilizes the surface and produces highly reactive chemicals such as peroxides that would oxidize any organic chemicals. [16] The Phoenix Lander discovered the chemical perchlorate in the Martian soil. Perchlorate is a strong oxidant so it may have destroyed any organic matter on the surface. [17] If it is widespread on Mars, carbon-based life would be difficult at the soil surface.

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I am one of those creed fanatic who waited more than a year for this fragrance to come out since it was first announced in November 2016.

I’ve set my expectations really low for this to avoid disappointments due to all the hate it’s been getting in the fragrance community and boy I’m glad I did!

Although Lavender isn’t listed as one of its main players. To me this is reminiscent of the discontinued Tomford Private blend Lavender Palm with some added Lime and tangyness of green mangoes in the opening. It also share some similarities with By Kilians a Taste of heaven which also uses some high quality Lavender.

I received a few compliments wearing this and it’s one of those fragrance that smells good when you smell it in the air from someone around you as opposed to sniffing up close.

Overall, Viking isn’t such a bad fragrance as to what most people portrays it to be. Price point is probably its biggest failure but still worth checking out if you’re looking for a fragrance that doesn’t smell like everyone else around you and doesn’t smell generic.

Times New Viking / Psychedelic Horseshit SplitTimes New Viking / Psychedelic Horseshit SplitTimes New Viking / Psychedelic Horseshit SplitTimes New Viking / Psychedelic Horseshit Split