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In the “primitive” societies that are studied by social anthropology, there are few written historic records. For example, we have no record of the development of social institutions among the Native Australians. Anthropologists, thinking of their study as a kind of historical study, fall back on conjecture and imagination; they invent "pseudo-historical" or "pseudo-casual" explanations. We have had innumerable and sometimes conflicting pseudo-historical accounts of the origin and development of the totemic institutions of the Native Australians. Such speculations have little place in serious anthropological discussion about institutions. This does not imply the rejection of historical explanation, but quite the contrary (Radcliffe-Brown 1952:3).

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I now have a Facebook account for Fanfaction. http:///2browneyesff known as May T. Brown. I will update occasionally on that.

Jane Brown RelaxationJane Brown RelaxationJane Brown RelaxationJane Brown Relaxation