Mew - only meant for you

Periodically I’ll add to the list; my hope is that, over time, it will become increasingly comprehensive and useful.

Pokemon GO was released this past summer, and it changed up the formula of gameplay for fans. The game required players to actually, physically walk around to chase down monsters, and crucial game items could only be acquired through leveling up, in-game purchases, or be found at various Pokestops scattered around the real world. This led to several theories on how to conserve items since they could occasionally be few and far-between, depending on how often you wanted to take a literal hike to restock. Players noticed that tapping a Pokeball that missed its target would cause it to disappear, and they theorized that you could pick them back up. That way, they wouldn't go to waste. Turns out, all that does is spare you the trouble of having to wait for the ball to roll off-screen before you can launch another. A small win, but a win nonetheless.

Nowadays, it’s super easy to find any song you want. Either you can purchase it online for next to nothing, you can find it in a streaming service you subscribe to, or you can just watch the video a few times on YouTube. It’s become such a part of life to simply grab whatever song you want that it’s baffling to remember what we used to do back in the day. Before it was possible to get music online, when you didn’t want to lug around your . player or buy a whole . just for one song you liked, there was an alternative – Hit Clips. Hit Clips were super trendy, and it allowed you to carry around one of your favourite hits in a portable form. Well, not exactly the entire hit – 15 seconds of it. That’s right – some company put together little 15 second clips of hit songs, and for some reason, ‘90s kids bought them up like hotcakes.

Mew - Only Meant For YouMew - Only Meant For YouMew - Only Meant For YouMew - Only Meant For You