Jerry paper & easy feelings unlimited - toon time raw!

Another brilliant invention was Jerry's "infrasonic" microphone in "A Low Blow," March, 1961. The device resembled an aneroid barometer, consisting of a thin sheet of spring brass glued over the open end of a mayonnaise jar. The capacitance between the brass sheet and a steel plate inside the jar changed as variations in air pressure (as by extremely low frequency sound waves) flexed the brass sheet, and the changing capacitance pulled the frequency of an audio oscillator. Placed at the end of a long run of about-to-be-buried natural gas pipes out in the street (for noise reduction) the device reported the subsonic emanations of a small tornado in the moments before the tornado scattered the pipe sections and destroyed the infrasonic mic. That story made me absolutely crazy to build one, but I wasn't quite sure where to begin. I was only 12, just beginning to understand electronics, and too poor to afford the sort of test gear that Carl and Jerry took for granted. But I never doubted for a millisecond that the device would work, and I ached to be good enough at the craft to build things like that.

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The cartoons have been shown with the main and end title credits intact on TBS and on the Teletoon channels, where as Cartoon Network and Boomerang air the cartoons without the opening/closing graphics.

Store, covered, in the refrigerator, and use as needed.  Will keep up to one (1) week in the refrigerator.  Mixture will probably separate in the refrigerator.  No problem - just stir and use.  The drink will still turn out frothy and delicious.


Jerry Paper & Easy Feelings Unlimited - Toon Time Raw!Jerry Paper & Easy Feelings Unlimited - Toon Time Raw!Jerry Paper & Easy Feelings Unlimited - Toon Time Raw!Jerry Paper & Easy Feelings Unlimited - Toon Time Raw!