Spittin cobra feat. the outlawz - bang back

This species was formerly considered to be a subspecies of Naja mossambica , N. m. pallida , but is now categorized as a separate species. [6] Indeed, N. mossambica is more closely related to N. nigricollis than to this species. The red spitting cobra is closely related and forms a sister taxon with the Nubian spitting cobra ( Naja nubiae ) of northeastern Africa, which was originally considered a northern population of N. m. pallida before being recognized as a distinct species in 2003. [2]

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[Verse 1]

Chillin' stundee in my undie'
Boss Kool Katte
Gold Chimpanzee
They go 'nanas
They go chimpanzee
MC Nice call me MC Mnandi
Benylin', London time
Any lande'
Straight from South Africa, eMzansi
I'm the best for ears
I'm a champion
I can feed your eyes too
Look, I'm an empec *
J pec, Limpin', Lagless, Hagless
Twitter avatar looking for my blog
My slang is my language
Please understand it
Ekse,Please understand it


Cobra, I'm a spitting cobra
Cobra, I'm a spitting cobra

[Verse 2]

Sippin' on shambeez
Rates come standard
Please browse on your profile miss, please add me
Here's my BBM Pin, Tell me what's happening
She's like "I'm on WhatsApp...
What's up? What's happening?"
We goin' dancing, that's what's happenin'
Pick her up in Sandton
In a last taxi
Then she started acting
Looking like an Ice Cream
Spazzin', We laughing
Sniping, Touching
Backseat something
Nothing in traffic
On our own island
Iris to iris
Type of skin is crisp
Fuck, high risk
Told her I'm a Leo
She said she was a lioness
Jokes, Ha!
She said she was a zebra
A libra
I kept her
Then I got over
The whole Casanova
Mr Lova Lova
Living life in a local*
I'm chilled now
I'm a frozen marga'
With a dash of vodka
I'm a spitting cobra

[Verse 3]

I'm a classic can of Coca-Cola
I'm highly contagious, I mean Bolar*
Colder than a penguins shoulder in the polar
She said she's coming over
I told her it was kosher
As soon as she got over
I told her it was over (its over, its over, its over)

[Verse 4]

I love your energy
Really love your ora
Kodwa uyabora
Swag is manora*
Nyag' bona
You wanna pre-Madonna
You wanna play the field too
Young Maradonna
Might come back but for sayonara
Same corner, different square
Looking like a million Zim dollars
Missed to greet me proper*
She said she was on offer
Linger in tropic
Met up with a cobra


"UMR video directed by A&A Filmz, "Real City Zoo" by Spittin Cobra (feat. Akshun). Real City animals on the loose!! Minority Muzik out now!! More music at http:///umrspittincobra" - UMR

Spittin Cobra Feat. The Outlawz - Bang BackSpittin Cobra Feat. The Outlawz - Bang BackSpittin Cobra Feat. The Outlawz - Bang Back