Enemy of myself - time is aganist us

Who is the enemy here? The soldier, seen from the back, facing a Vietnamese woman hugging a baby, with a half-naked boy by her side? Or is it the young woman and her two children being confronted by an American GI? Are there not always two sides to a coin?

As I left the house I realized it was now light outside. I looked to the right and there were two Chinese soldiers patrolling along the dirt road. Almost immediately they saw me and started shouting. I looked to the left and what I saw was horrifying, a concentration camp. Behind the tall wired fence, I saw hundreds upon hundreds of what were obviously American citizens standing along the fence starring at me.

When the Ninth Doctor answered a call from Mickey Smith in San Francisco , he was told that the phone call was meant for "the other one", and quickly deduced that Mickey was talking about his next incarnation. ( COMIC : The Transformed )

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For all my ranting about sleeping in again on Black Friday, this year I found myself almost being sucked into it’s mystique. I didn’t go out into the craziness of brick and mortar store shopping, but I was looking at the Black Friday laptop sales at a major electronics retailer. I almost spent hundreds of dollars on something I didn’t want. Almost. My daughter’s laptop, purchased 4 years ago, had been a Black Friday door buster that we were able to buy hours after all the insanity of the morning shopping had subsided. It’s performance doesn’t impress a now 15 […] Read more »

Enemy Of Myself - Time is aganist UsEnemy Of Myself - Time is aganist UsEnemy Of Myself - Time is aganist UsEnemy Of Myself - Time is aganist Us