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This global event will be an excellent opportunity for the Pathologists and Laboratory Medicine Professionals. We are anticipating around 60+ speakers and over 400 delegates for this esteemed congress.    

As a field of general inquiry and research, pathology addresses four components of disease: cause, mechanisms of development ( pathogenesis ), structural alterations of cells (morphologic changes), and the consequences of changes (clinical manifestations). [2] In common medical practice, general pathology is mostly concerned with analyzing known clinical abnormalities that are markers or precursors for both infectious and non-infectious disease and is conducted by experts in one of two major specialties, anatomical pathology and clinical pathology . Further divisions in specialty exist on the basis of the involved sample types (comparing, for example, cytopathology , hematopathology , and histopathology ), organs (as in renal pathology ), and physiological systems ( oral pathology ), as well as on the basis of the focus of the examination (as with forensic pathology ).

Reason #2. In addition, having a wide knowledge of pathology would help you become a better physician. The more diseases you know, the better you can come up with good differential diagnoses (possible illnesses). The better your differential diagnoses are, the more likely you will accurately diagnose the patient. Once you have an accurate diagnosis, you are then able to give the proper treatment.

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